Arcusys as a workplace

Talented people, with diverse experience and various backgrounds – all of us equal.

A workplace is like a loving relationship. Our company's culture and relations with our employees, from the "first date" onwards, have been built with this message in mind. We have a culture of community and team play, where all employees are treated and valued as equal individuals.

We trust the power of openness and honesty, and emphasize the importance of reciprocity both at work and in customer relations. By doing small things together with great dedication we have created a unique work community, where we genuinely enjoy each others' company – even after office hours.

"To me, this is absolutely a great place to work; the mere thought of my coworkers makes me smile and I get tremendous amounts of energy from them. An undeniable strength of Arcusys is its people, each of whom are valued just the way they are. This is not just a workplace, it is the Arcusys Family."

Open comment from the GPTW* 2015 survey


Our company values are:  responsibility, a sense of community, development, and customer orientation. We have created our values together and let them guide our everyday choices. 

Each new day is an opportunity to show your best performance and learn new things – from coworkers as well as clients. We also have confidence in our employees and give them plenty of responsibility. The contributions of every employee are significant, which shows in our daily work.

Sense of responsibility to see tasks through.
Sense of community
We value one another & respect every personality.
Desire for continuous development & learning.
We strive to understand our customers' needs and our actions are oriented towards responding to them.

Fringe benefits

Our employees are everything to us. We want to take care of our people in many different ways, which is why our range of fringe benefits is extensive. The benefits support the realization of our values, and our staff participates actively in designing fringe benefits through their proposals.

Health care is given a special emphasis in a variety of ways. In the event of an illness, we provide comprehensive treatment through a combination of occupational health care and health insurance. Instead of blanket processes, sickness cases are solved on an individual basis on the employee's terms. We also offer lunch coupons and recreational vouchers, as well as shared activities both at work and on free time.

"The best thing is our treatment as complete and complex people and the valuing of our free time. All proposals for the improvement of, for example, occupational welfare are taken seriously and usually implemented, too :) Leadership has improved even further, and we have all kinds of things your average company usually lacks!"

Open comment from the GPTW* 2014 survey

* The survey is based on the Great Place to Work definition: A great workplace is one where employees trust their organization's management, are proud of their work and enjoy working with their coworkers.