The learning technology by Arcusys Ltd. is utilized in Sustainable Habitation of Mars - project

Arcusys Ltd. starts cooperation together with the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The aim of the cooperation is to create a global elearning environment for students of top universities, researchers from different branch of sciences, astronauts, as well as for the young interested in space science.

The testing phase of the new elearning environment will begin next autumn in the research and training programs, where the possibility of Mars habitation is being researched.

The research program lead by NASA will adopt the Valamis elearning software by Arcusys. The aim is to renew, expand and modernize the NASA's Epic Challenge program, which is aiming at securing the continuation of the interest and know-how in space science in the United States.

"The Epic Challenge is based on learning by story telling, gamification and crowdsourcing, and for that purpose Valamis is an excellent solution. We have also been building a phenomenon-based learning environment together with North Karelia municipal education and training consortium and Tampere University of Technology", says Janne Hietala, the Chief Commercial Officer of Arcusys.

In the Valamis elearning environment the learners solve a problem or challenge set to them by utilizing all the information they have learned. Different groups of learners are being collected information regarding to the solutions they have found, and the information is being shared further. Utilizing phenomena and story telling in the learning has proved to be an effective way for the group of learners to learn.

With the help of the technology built in Valamis learning solution, it is effortless to follow up and authenticate the learning processes of the learners. Valamis is a perfect solution for NASA, since in addition to the teaching, the platform also suits well to international interdisciplinary research project, where the aim is to develop new solution models, for example to the space technical challenges.

"Our aim is also to make own research and development work along with the NASA cooperation. We are continuously developing our own learning analytics and the learning efficiency measurements, as well as the method of phenomenon-based learning", continues Janne Hietala.

Charles Camarda, who is a NASA astronaut and a person in charge of the NASA's innovation operations, is currently visiting Finland and familiarizing himself with the Finnish universities and companies. The aim is to find cooperation partners from different fields and to get them involved in the Mars research program. Camarda is interested in getting e.g. biotechnology and composite material students and experts to join the Sustainable Habitation of Mars research project. The cooperation is also an excellent opportunity for Arcusys to develop itself further. The cooperation will also take Charles Camarda to visit the company headquarters in Joensuu early next week.

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