Competence Development

Increase employee engagement by making competence development more visible and measurable at your company

Every organization, from the top level of management all the way down, must fully appreciate the importance of competence and personnel development. In order for the organization to develop to its full potential, and to allow employees to represent the company in the best possible way, the professional skills of each and every individual employee must be developed, throughout their career. To ensure that, a competency model framework is used to define the skills and knowledge requirements needed for successful job performance. It will help you find direction in which you need to develop your employees.

The possibility to benefit from continuous training and development is also important for maintaining staff motivation and commitment to the company. In the global business environment in particular, companies have to ensure that retailers and partner networks are also continually developing their skills and expertise, and therefore also the company brand and consistent customer experience. Compliance with requirements and standards, and proof of compliance, also adds to the need for companies to provide training.

"Millennials consider development at work to be the most important criterion in choosing a workplace. By 2021, 75 percent of workers will be millennials."

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), Internet Trends Report 2016

Various ways to develop

Employees' competencies develop in many different ways. Formal training accounts for a relatively small proportion of employees' work time and development curve. New information is coming along continually, every single day, through many different channels, such as inductions, meetings, webinars, mentoring, and more. Learning and career development happen every day, both formally and informally.

As learning changes, becoming ever more complex and diverse and increasingly independent of any fixed time or place, it is essential that companies have access to and make good use of the right kinds of tools to support the development potential of their employees. With Valamis – Learning Experience Platform you support, measure, analyze, and make formal and informal learning visible in your organization.


Nowadays, artificial intelligence and robotics also make work more efficient and effective. When we can replace manual, boring and routine tasks with robots, we free up employee potential for new and more interesting work tasks. With Valamis – Learning Experience Platform, companies can re-train employees who are already familiar with the company's operating methods and client interfaces for new roles.

With the help of Valamis – Learning Experience Platform, you can:

  • Manage the training of your staff and partner and distributor network cost-effectively
  • Measure and analyze both formal and informal learning outcomes
  • Train your employees for new tasks and roles
  • Digitalize onboarding processes
  • Analyze the development of new service models precisely to achieve the profitability you want
  • Identify any shortcomings in your service models, and ensure continual development of these areas
  • Keep compliance with standards up-to-date
  • Save time and money, and free up personnel resources
Digital Transformation of Learning

Digital Transformation of Learning

We are glad to announce that our White Paper on topic: Digital Transformation of Learning - Why We Need Another "Apollo Effect" is now available. This Paper is aimed for CDOs, CLOs, CHROs, CEOs, and others responsible for learning and development in organizations, and it's written by Dr. Charles Camarda, NASA and Janne Hietala, Arcusys.

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