Digital Customer Experience

Outstanding digital customer experiences offer opportunities for company growth

Developing the customer experience is at the heart of business success, which means, from the customer and client standpoint, complete renewal of business operations. The digital customer experience consists of a series of interactions with a personal feel online and through mobile devices, thereby offsetting deficiencies in service provision, or replacing traditional face-to-face service situations.

For the digital customer experience to be at its best, it must be carefully designed from the customer's perspective and must be planned as part of the customer's service path. Succeeding in this requires knowledge and understanding of the client's and customer's needs, and knowing when each particular need arises. After this, customers can be offered a service that caters to these needs in personalized digital form, at exactly the right time and with just the right content.

"Reassess your customer journey scenarios, and really understand the current customer experience, so you can elevate your service offering through technologies like employee engagement platforms, biometrics and the Internet of Things (IoT)."

Gartner, Predicts 2017: Digital Business Elevates the Customer Experience Well Beyond Current Retail Multichannel Capabilities, November 2016

Multi-channel customer experiences

Intimately linked to the digital customer experience is multi-channel service provision, whereby interaction with the customer takes place through several different devices and service channels. As the number of different channels grows, the challenge will be the need to manage the whole in such a way that the outcome is a consistent and harmonized customer experience. So the goal must be to ensure that the customer's dealings are enjoyable and handled consistently, regardless of the channel used in any given time. Well-planned and reliably functioning digital customer experiences strengthen customer satisfaction and offer the possibility to free up personnel resources to meeting the most significant needs and wishes of each individual customer.

A high-quality digital customer experience means:
A solution that is ideal for him or her
A solution that's provided at just the right time
The service terminal that's most suitable for a particular purchase context
A solution that's offered through the right channel

Analytics assist in optimizing customer experiences

Digital customer experiences are fundamentally based on knowledge of the customer. Analytics help in identifying the customer's needs and the interdependencies that underlie them for each specific segment. By modeling customer dealings and customer behavior, it is possible to efficiently construct spaces for providing services and products effectively and in the most natural way. Customers' lives are made easier when the services they need are available from the same, familiar provider conveniently, easily, and cost-efficiently.

Digital customers are especially active, and readily provide feedback through the various digital channels. This applies not only to companies, but also to public-sector operators. Citizen engagement demands that services are highly recognizable and easy to use and that a clear added value is created for them. This means that trust is the central focal point. Customers and citizens must be able to trust the service and the service provider; if they can't, successful digital transactions are not possible.

The Liferay Platform

Most of our digital solutions are produced using the Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP). The scalability and flexibility of the Liferay DXP enable management of multi-channel customer experiences and the creation of personalized customer experiences. By integrating the platform with other systems, you will be able to eliminate unnecessary manual steps and expand your service offering using, for example, a customer portal, digital customer service channel, or an intranet for internal communications.

Digital Transformation of Learning

Digital Transformation of Learning

We are glad to announce that our White Paper on topic: Digital Transformation of Learning - Why We Need Another "Apollo Effect" is now available. This Paper is aimed for CDOs, CLOs, CHROs, CEOs, and others responsible for learning and development in organizations, and it's written by Dr. Charles Camarda, NASA and Janne Hietala, Arcusys.

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