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Digitalization, combined with employees, is the most important element of a company's competitiveness. As digitalization is changing the nature of work at an ever faster pace, it's essential that employees are able to work efficiently and flexibly, and independently of time, place, and particular devices. The digital workplace helps to increase employees' commitment to their work, and allows them to work more effectively and efficiently than ever before. With the digital workplace you ensure that your company remains well-functioning and profitable in the future also.

"The digital workplace is a business strategy to boost employee engagement and agility through a more consumerized work environment."

Gartner, "Delivering Business Value With a Digital Workplace", Matthew W. Chain, Mike Gotta, 28 August 2015, Refreshed 02 February 2017

Creating digital workplaces

Making your digital workplace strategy a reality starts with the people. But it needs support from the right tools and expertise if the effects of the digital transformation are to benefit the organization. With Valamis – Learning Experience Platform, you can make use of your workplace and its digital working methods to support your company strategy.  

The personalized learning paths that are built into the learning environment help your staff to better understand their goals. Using analytics provided by Valamis, the learning experiences of employees can also be understood better, and the learning outcomes can be monitored closely. By understanding the working methods of your staff, you'll be better able to create digital workplace processes that will make your company more efficient and effective.

Engage your employees
Develop employee competences
Increase work efficiency

A digital workplace enables:

  • Availability of information 24/7
  • Real-time, global information flow
  • More efficient internal communications
  • The ability to assimilate new ways of learning and sharing information
  • Monitoring and analysis of learning and development
  • Measurement of skills development
  • Digitalization and increased efficiency and effectiveness of onboarding processes
  • Compliance with standards
  • Organizational transparency
Digital Transformation of Learning

Digital Transformation of Learning

We are glad to announce that our White Paper on topic: Digital Transformation of Learning - Why We Need Another "Apollo Effect" is now available. This Paper is aimed for CDOs, CLOs, CHROs, CEOs, and others responsible for learning and development in organizations, and it's written by Dr. Charles Camarda, NASA and Janne Hietala, Arcusys.

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