Performance Management

Increase the effectivity of your business through measuring, forecasting, and planning

Performance Management requires an efficient and determined process that can be significantly expedited with the help of technology. Using Excel templates is risky: we are all prone to errors and mistakes, and tracing errors can also be extremely difficult because of a fast-paced forecasting process.

So forget Excel-based environments and join the modern world with us! We offer you an opportunity to move on to fast, controllable and transparent planning, predicting, and monitoring of your business operations. Performance Management gives you a clear picture of where your business is headed. This means you do not have to glue your eyes to the rear-view mirror, instead you can focus on what's coming up ahead.

Increase the effectivity of your business through measuring, forecasting, and planning.

Better reporting and forecasting

We will develop your planning process and its structures together with you with the result of better quality, faster pace, and more transparency in the processes. We automate the planning and forecasting process using the leading technology in the field. Our visualizations present the performance results to you in one glance. 

You can follow the development of your key figures visually and graphically, and at the same time you can compare and analyze any possible deviations and find their causes early on in the process. Our easy-to-use and quick planning tool enables an analytical working method, which means you grant the creator of the plan an opportunity to develop their own scenarios and play around with the figures.

With performance management you make managing the planning process:

Higher quality
More transparent

With Performance Management, you can:

  • Replace sending and filling in Excel templates and old forecasts with a uniform planning tool that's 100% browser-based
  • Ensure the high quality of data and everyone's access to the correct planning templates and the corresponding figures from the previous year, for example
  • Enable an analytical working method and increase employees' motivation and investment in the planning process
  • Enable the real-time reporting and analysis of the planning process – you will see the forecasts' effect on the entity without delay
  • Cut down the number of errors and mistakes
  • Improve precision and commitment
  • Make controlling the planning process transparent and real-time
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