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Manage learning and development in a global business environment

Through the digital transformation, business environments are changing faster than ever, in ever-shortening cycles. The need for staff skills development can be increased by many factors, such as new sector-specific regulations, the need for retraining, or through company acquisitions. Valamis is a learning environment that is specifically designed for large corporations, and makes learning and knowledge available independently of time, place, and particular device.

Valamis is a cost-effective solution for the management and monitoring of organizational learning and development, and for detailed analysis of the learning outcomes. With the help of the Valamis, you can also easily verify that your staff and network members are in compliance with all the necessary requirements. By making use of the latest learning methods and technologies, Valamis adapts to the different and changing needs of organizations, from training of their own staff to training retailers, clients, and cooperation partners.

"With Valamis – Learning Experience Platform we can measure and analyze learning more accurately, and spot potential problems in learning at early stage."

Ville Tuominen, Advisor of Online Learning, Riveria

Awards & Recognitions

Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training 2017
Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology 2017
Top 20 Training Delivery Companies 2017
Great User Experience 2017
Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology 2016
Digital EU GDPR training

Digital EU GDPR training

As you know all companies that are collecting and processing personal data need to fulfill and act according to the EU GDPR requirements by May 25, 2018.

Arcusys and Nixu are collaborating to help your company adapt to the new GDPR requirements.

Personalized and measurable learning

Measurement and analysis of learning is essential for continued development. Whether it's a matter of formal, informal, or social learning, Valamis – Learning Experience Platform measures, saves, and analyzes the results of your staff and interest groups efficiently. This, in turn, allows you to understand the development of learning processes better and in more detail. Thanks to its scalable nature, Valamis makes it possible for every learner to have a customized learning experience. With Valamis you can also ensure that your network members are and remain in compliance with standards.

Make knowledge available everywhere
Create significant savings in training costs
Measure and analyze learning
Support all forms of learning

Valamis – Learning Experience Platform allows you to:

  • Identify your company's own learning culture
  • Manage, monitor, and analyze learning and development in your organization
  • Pinpoint potential problem areas in learning
  • Make knowledge available everywhere in the global business environment, 24/7
  • Support all forms of learning, from informal learning to formal, social, crowd, and experience-based learning
  • Ensure that your network members are and remain in compliance with standards
  • Make onboarding processes more efficient
  • Create personalized and targeted learning content
  • Involve the learners in the creation of the learning materials
  • Ensure that your personnel remain skilled in a changing business environment
  • Save significant amounts of time and money on training
Digital Transformation of Learning

Digital Transformation of Learning

We are glad to announce that our White Paper on topic: Digital Transformation of Learning - Why We Need Another "Apollo Effect" is now available. This Paper is aimed for CDOs, CLOs, CHROs, CEOs, and others responsible for learning and development in organizations, and it's written by Dr. Charles Camarda, NASA and Janne Hietala, Arcusys.

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