Abloy: A global learning environment for training and certification management

Abloy's major challenge was managing, training and certifying a large network of global distributors. We built a global eLearning platform and certification registry, ABLOY ACADEMY, for Abloy.


Abloy is a global leader in the field of electromechanical locking technology and door open solutions. Furthermore, Abloy is one of the world's leading manufacturers of locks, locking systems and architectural hardware. Abloy belongs to the ASSA ABLOY Group, which is the largest global supplier of intelligent lock and security solutions. Abloy is committed in understanding and solving their customers' security related challenges. Thus, they are focused on providing their customers complete security solutions globally.


Abloy solutions are sold, installed and maintained by a large network of distributor companies worldwide. Managing, training and certifying the distribution network are essential business factors. The distributors are granted selling and/or locksmith rights only if they have personnel with valid certificates, resulting from continuous training provided by Abloy. The major challenges lie in keeping the training and certificate register up-to-date, getting reports from the register, and enhancing e-learning services.


The solution was a global eLearning platform and certification registry, ABLOY ACADEMY, built on Liferay and Valamis. This was a perfect and a cost-efficient match for Abloy's vision and requirements. The platform essentially consists of standard Valamis apps with customized user interface (UI), which supports personalized learning experience, online courses, training event management, content creation, and certification management.


As a result the Abloy distributors are now easily provided a rich variety of personalized training and certification services and information. Furthermore, the solution eases the process of finding and receiving information, for example regarding to the training events. Also, the certificate and competence records are easy to follow and automatically kept up to date, which reduces the amount of needed administrative work. Furthermore, all the information can be easily found and reported for several purposes. ABLOY ACADEMY also eases the communication between the distributor network and Abloy, which naturally brings along marketing and PR benefits for Abloy.

"ABLOY ACADEMY demonstrates beautifully the strengths of open collaboration, Valamis and Liferay. Smart combination of customized and out-of-the-box solutions result in perfect match for various needs", explains Senior Consultant Jyri Pötry from Arcusys.