City of Kuopio: More informative and easy-to-use website

City of Kuopio website renewal 5,000 pages were pared down to 2,000 and service improved as a result

City of Kuopio website renewal 5,000 pages were pared down to 2,000 and service improved as a result

Arcusys assisted with the renewal of the City of Kuopio's website to enhance its usability and informativeness. Another impetus for the change was to add more online advertising and to improve the reporting of recent news. The technical construction of the website was carried out in its entirety according to the customer's wishes and requirements, resulting in tailor-made functionality. Implementation was jointly executed along with the graphic designer, the technical services coordinator and the personnel of the City of Kuopio, who were fully committed to the website renewal project.


  • Customer-friendly and easy-to-use
  • The creation of a positive image
  • A convenient common forum for the publication and compilation of recent news events
  • Less daily work for the content manager
  • No licensing fees
"The website creates a positive impression of the City of Kuopio and its services. The content is now grouped into hierarchical totalities, making it easier to find the desired information. Our work with Arcusys has been efficient, swift and professional at all times."Raija Korhonen, Web Editor-in-Chief, City of Kuopio.