SOK - All S group restaurants under one web service

The online service brings together all S Group restaurants

The online service brings together all S Group restaurants

The S Group decided to take a leap into part of modern customers' day-to-day reality: the mobile world. The group's online service covers all of the more than 600 S Group restaurants, bringing locations all over Finland into the palm of a hand. The service was created by Arcusys.

This initiative resulted in better customer service. The location-based service shows users their nearest restaurants, sorted by distance. Raflaamo is not limited by city names: the distance matters, not names of areas. Results can also be bounded by user-specified areas.

"Working with Arcusys went very smoothly. Continuous prioritization of the project's elements, in combination with regular team meetings, made the project dynamic," said Brand Manager Jukka Kaartinen from S Group member Amarillo.

The resulting Web-based service was well in line with the original concept, without any compromises. At the heart of the project for a user-friendly solution was highly refined mobile usability fine-tuned to real-world needs. Through the project, carried out in close collaboration, Raflaamo was designed for maximal responsiveness, which means that it works with smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers alike.

The service has two main views: daytime and evening. Earlier in the day, users can see lunch options at a glance, whereas the evening view displays restaurants that are open at the time, including information on any live music or other events.

Raflaamo includes the lunch and à la carte menus of all restaurants covered by the service. Menu searches, based on the style of cuisine or for specific products, make it quick and easy to find a restaurant that suits the user's preferences. Once a suitable restaurant has been found, a table can be booked directly via the service. Additionally, those looking for entertainment can find coming events for the next few weeks.